Kayla Kurin is a health, travel, and fiction writer from Canada. She is the author of the bestselling Yoga for Chronic Illness series and Where Can I Find Wifi? Work Anywhere, Travel Forever: Tales of a Digital Nomad. Kayla has written countless short stories and articles and has been featured on Matador Network, Remote Mission, Side Hustle School, Yoga International, Tiny Buddha, and more. She is currently working on her debut novel which explores world mythology and magic. Kayla has travelled, lived, and worked in over 50 countries and loves writing about her adventures in real and made-up worlds.

When not boarding a train or writing about my travels, she spends her time texting puns to her friends in Canada (they’re really awful, read this site with caution), re-watching episodes of 30 rock so she can quote them to strangers on the road, and searching for the best sushi in every city she lands in. Kayla will attempt to swim in any body of water she sees and has never met a 1 euro bottle of wine she didn’t like. 

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